Parsons School of Design Fall 2020 Admission Decisions

Was deferred from Parsons Fall 2020 Early Action to regular decisions pool. Wonder if this happened to anyone else? Thought I’d start a thread for decisions letter that hopefully start to come out in late February!

I was deferred from Lang EA to RD. They said in my letter it was because they wanted to see my first quarter grades and then they’d reassess.

ah no that sucks. any idea when RD will be out?
Hopefully good news for you though!

I’ve been talking to the assistant director of admissions (she sent me the deferral email) and first she said April 1 but when I sent in my first semester grades and a letter basically begging her to admit me she said mid March. I am going on a tour February 28th so maybe she’ll give me good news in person!

Ahhh good luck to you!! hopefully we both received good news very soon!! Enjoy your tour! Wish I could go on one but I’m in Australia! Let me know how you go