Parsons School of Design vs. SMFA Tufts

I recently got admitted to SMFA at tufts (just bfa 4 year program, NOT bfa/ba 5 year program). I was also admitted to Parsons back in December.

I plan on studying graphic design in college and did not know what would be more worth. Tufts or Parsons? There arent many resources online in regards to SMFA and their program, I’ve talked to some people around me who attended SMFA but they all transferred.

Tufts has better name value, but is it worth for me to even go? Would Parsons be better?

I also received a 16k per year scholarship to Parsons

Has anyone heard anything about Tufts SMFA (pros and cons) and/or Parsons (pros and cons)

The question in my mind is whether or not you are fully set on a BFA. If there is a chance that you’ll decide to change your focus of study, it seems safer to be at Tufts where you wouldn’t need to transfer to change majors.

Sorry I don’t have any more specific feedback on the programs. You might want to post to the broader College Search and Selection Forum.