Parsons the School of Design Admission Results 2019 Fall

@isaf99 Hi! We all share the same feelings?. Which major did u apply to? I am applying to Fashion Design BFA.

@Kemiu0101 I also applied to Fashion Design!

@isaf99 Wow! So excited! Hope we all get in and see each other in the future☺️! I will post here once the result comes out.

Hello, everyone! If I have received the « congratulations on your acceptance… » on mynewschool, does it mean I’m accepted for sure?

Anyone applied to undeclared?

Hey guys so I aksed the admission people about the trick on hub. They said they would send out the official letters sometime next week.

How does the trick work??

@vaaaal I also received the « congratulations on your acceptance… » on mynewschool, but we have to wait for the official letters.

@isaf99 It didn’t work for me, how about u?

@Kemiu0101 Apparently not☹️ I’m not sure how the trick works because since I went to summer intensive my mynewschool shows my previous emails and grades so I don’t know where the “congratulations” should appear. Someone heeeeelp please!

@isaf99 Do u have “Admitted Student” on your dashboard area? For students who have attended summer program before, they usually have that. I went to summer intensive in 2017, and I don’t have it neither. Also the decision for fashion design tends to be later than other programs, maybe we should wait longer? But what really matter is the letter. Some students who did not have that trick also got in for EA. So don’t lose hope.

@isaf99 For people with an existing MyNewSchool account, there should be an Admitted Students tab added to the dropdown on the left. For people without an account, you can get access by using your student ID number (created when you applied) to get a NetID, then “reset” your password for access to MyNewSchool. That’s what I did with my daughter, and her page shows a congratulations message but no detailed letter yet.

@Kemiu0101 @Vineyarder thanks a lot! I have no “admitted students” or the “congratulations” on MyNewSchool account but still I’ll remain hopeful☺️

Thanks @Vineyarder and @isaf99 we are in the same boat for now. But 15 min before I received the offer from CCA! So no need to worry about there will be no places to go.

Congrats, @Kemiu0101 !

@sherryccccc Thank u! ! Now is time to get fingers crossed for Parsons. Did u hear anything from other schools yet?

@Kemiu0101 My portfolio was approved by SAIC but I still need to submit the rest lol. I haven’t heard from other schools yet. Hope we all can get in!!!

@sherryccccc Congrats to u!! Parsons is always one of the latest haha~~

@kemiu0101 @sherryccccc congratulations!! I really hope we all get into Parsons

@isaf99 Thank you!! and Good luck to u!
@Vineyarder Thank you for your ?? !