Parsons the School of Design Admission Results 2019 Fall

Hi everyone☺️~ Wondering if anyone else is still waiting for the admission decision (EA for now) ?The waiting is killing me. I submitted mine in early October and also heard about the trick/glitch to check the result, but it was not working for some people (They were waitlisted at the end but still had the “Admitted Student” tab…). If you have any questions, maybe we can discuss it here?? Hope all of us good luck!

My daughter applied EA for the BBA in strategic design and management. We submitted the application Oct. 28. I think the decisions will probably start coming out around Dec. 15. Eager to hear as well!

@Vineyarder Hope everything will go well! 2 of my friends both got in on Dec.12, 2016 for 2017 fall and Dec.11, 2017 for 2018 fall, which I checked is the Monday of the 2nd week of December. So maybe we will hear back from the news starting on Dec. 10 this year?

I got admitted yesterday but I couldn’t tell it was a trick or not

@sherryccccc Congrats! Just wondering which major did you apply to, are you apply to 2019 fall? The trick is on your “Mynewschool” website, if there is an “Admitted Student” section in your dashboard or something. The letter in your admission hub and the email you get from the New School are not the tricks. I am applying to fashion design so it might be few weeks later?

@Kemiu0101 From last year’s results thread, it does look like decisions started coming out around then and continued through that week. Hope we find out on the early side. I’m pretty sure my daughter will get in, but I’m wondering what kind of merit scholarship she’ll get.

Congrats, @sherryccccc!

@Vineyarder Good luck to your daughter! My parents are also quite confident about my application (with the recommendation letter from the New School) but I still need to be prepared if I got rejected somehow, it is hard to say, there is always something, but we should definitely post here if we got accepted. Parsons is my 1st choice, so hope everything will work. ?? Also wondering how much merit scholarship do they usually give?

I applied to the undecided design program. It said “Congratulations on your acceptance and we look forward to seeing you at The New School. From this tab you can: pay your tuition deposit online, check your financial aid status, and access forms for international students” on my portal.

@sherryccccc That is the trick, but if you can pay your deposit, by 80% that you are accepted, but I would consider the letter or the email as a 100% guarantee. (Here’s a little question) Are you an international student? (You don’t have to answer if you don’t feel like it~).

Yes, I am an international student.

Same do I @sherryccccc

The letter will be out around 12/15 right? I can’t wait lol.

@sherryccccc Yes, actually the earliest might be 12/10! The 1st wave will be that week though. So excited~~ We might be future classmates if choose to go there haha. Can I ask which country are you from?

@Kemiu0101 From what I’ve seen in last year’s acceptance thread, it looks like the merit awards range from about $8,000 a year to $24,000 a year.

@Vineyarder Sounds good. Thank you! Hope to have scholarship if I get a chance, but firstly, the offer.

Just tried the MyNewSchool login trick with my daughter, and it looks like she’s in! Will have to wait for the email to find out about merit, but she has all of the accepted-students stuff on her page. Thrilled for her!

@Vineyarder From what I’ve seen there isn’t anything yet in my account, but that doesn’t mean I got rejected. I will wait for more days.

I’m from China

@sherryccccc Same?

Hello! I applied to EA as well and I’m extremely nervous