Parsons Transfer Admissions Results 2018

Hey guys! I can’t seem to find the previous thread for Parsons Transfer Applicants for 2018! If anybody hears anything, let us know! :slight_smile:

Hi! yeah I noticed the last thread disappeared. I still haven’t heard anything yet!

Me neither :confused: when did you submit your application? I heard they start rolling out in the order that they received them but I’m not sure!

I submitted my application on March 30th! I got another email in the middle of April that my application was complete. When did you submit yours? and what school or major are you applying too?

Same, I submitted March 28/29! I applied for the graphics and design program

i hope we here back soon!

just some information, when last year I applied the decision came out on April 21st, Friday.(I didn’t get in or I won’t be here.) So I guess maybe this Friday or something like that…?

I just got my decision via the my new school portal!!! It doesn’t say anything in the admission hub but when I signed into the portal it says congratulations on your acceptance!!


what is the link to the portal?
First you have to find your net ID, which you can do with the student number they provide in the admission hub, and then you sign into the portal

OMG i got the same thing! admitted students it says at the top and congratulations!!

Congrats!!! No need to stress anymore!! :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! and thank god lol!