PART II of application

<p>Many students decide to apply to NYU because of our New York City location.
Apart from the New York City location, please tell us what other aspects make you feel NYU will be a good match for you.</p>

<p>Please tell us about something you did last Sunday afternoon (or the Sunday before that, or the Sunday before that . . .</p>

<p>for the first i wrote about the strong programs that im interested in</p>

<p>for the second i wrote about playing basketball with my friends</p>

<p>what are some of the things people on this board wrote about ?</p>

<p>for the first i wrote about great professors and how well they prepare you for life after college and how NYU brings in so many different people. </p>

<p>about Sunday afternoon I wrote that I saw a play, came home, cooked dinner with my dad and finished my calc homework. hahah boring but it was the truth</p>