Part of my app got lost in the mail!


<p>I was deferred back in December from my ED school and decided to send an update letter about some significant awards/accomplishments of mine since then. I read somewhere that when possible, it was better to send such a letter by mail instead of electronically since that way it would be guaranteed to be read (if I emailed it, the reader might not print it out and add it to my file) and I sent it through USPS priority mail.</p>

<p>Well, it never got there, and now the deadline for supplementary information as passed. I'm not sure if a letter of continued interest <em>counts</em> as such a thing but still, I'd like for it to get there as soon as possible, if at all. I've been trying to track my letter and it's been bouncing back and forth between two cities about an hour away from the school. There's no way for me to contact the post office.</p>

<p>I know that a lot of schools don't really care about demonstrated interest past having an early option, but I do think that the things in my letter could tip me over if I'm borderline. Should I send out another physical copy (express mail) or email the admissions office with my letter attached? Or should I wait and see where my letter ends up to avoid being a pest? </p>

<p>Thanks so much. </p>

<p>An update letter is not considered supplemental material. Supplements are art portfolio, music recording, research paper…send email, mention you sent priority letter but held up in transit.</p>

<p>UPS is supposed to track that. Send the UPS tracking info and restate what you said in an email to see whether it really didn’t get there - might have, and be sitting in the wrong file.</p>

<p>Hi there, thanks so much for both your replies!</p>

<p>USPS sent me a few tracking updates and after having bounced between two cities three times (over the course of several days) it finally arrived at its destination. It was supposed to take two days but ended up taking ten! Oh well, at least they’ve received it now.</p>

<p>I’m actually a little bummed since I didn’t realize that such letters weren’t considered supplementary material, and thus didn’t have to be in by the deadline. I have a couple more things that I wouldn’t mind adding, but I don’t want to swamp the adcoms with excessive mail so I’ll just leave it be.</p>

<p>Thanks again!! </p>