Part One App Clarify

<p>I was going to send in my parts one and two in together and was checking them over, but the last thing on part one says:
If you feel the need to clarify your answer to any of the questions on this form, please use the space below.
I don't have anything to write here, but the question right before that is:
What field of study appeals to you the most right now?(*)
So my question is should I elaborate on what field of study appeals to me right now (kind of like a why MIT short essay) or do most people just leave it blank because that's not what it's for? Thanks.</p>

<p>The "anything extra" space is for anything else you'd like to put on the application. People who don't have anything extra to say usually leave it blank.</p>

<p>You certainly could elaborate on the field of study that appeals to you, but that's not the only reason that space exists.</p>