Part Time Jobs (new thread)

<p>i know there was a post a while back, but a lot of people are new, so post your part time job and how much you're paid...</p>

<p>local library-$7.15/hr</p>

<p>Can we also have a minimum age? I am looking for a job actually :)</p>

<p>My parents don't want me to get a job but I do have a secondary "job" where do web design. Make around $300 a month, depending on if I feel like making stuff.</p>

<p>Yopua, i wish you lived near me!! the restaurant where i work is totally desperate for hostesses. i get paid $7.50/hr and i work 1 or 2 school nights, either friday or saturday but never both, and every other sunday morning. its a family-owned place, so everything is really personal. i dont think i'll be able to adjust to a corporate environment! i LOVE my job. its too bad i have to leave in the fall.</p>

<p>I work at a bowling alley...... I work weekends and maybe 1 weekday a week.
I get paid around 7/hr..</p>

<p>I work at a shoe store. I get paid $8.50 an hour.</p>

<p>it's fun, I can't wait to start working again (I took some time off because business is slow in the winter and for college apps)</p>

<p>$12.35/hr. State Dept of Labor Student Intern</p>

<p>Its a good job, but still won't prevent me from having 20K+ in debt for college.</p>