Parties at BC

<p>How are the parties in general at BC? I know the mods have a ton, but because those are mostly upperclassmen will freshman not party there as much? I know there are some nice ones off campus too, but again, do many freshmen go? For underclassmen, are the parties mostly in the dorms or bathrooms (my friend says he pregames a lot in the bathroom)</p>

<p>A decent amount of freshmen party at the Mods, usually as long as you know someone or have an abundance of girls. Like you said, lots of off campus parties too, with pretty much the same requirements for entrance as the Mods. If you’re persistent/know some people, freshmen can do fine. I haven’t seen any bathroom parties, that’s usually where they end, with someone hailing the porcelain god. A lot of freshmen opt to throw smaller gatherings in their dorms if they don’t want to go out/don’t know anyone/don’t have a good ratio.</p>

<p>As a current freshman at BC, I can say that as long as you don’t sit in a hole and actually make friends at college, you’ll be able to find a place to party. Though there is no go-to location, such as a frat, if you do some networking and have a decent circle of friends, you’ll be fine. Let’s just say that if I wanted to go partying, on any given weekend I could find somewhere to go.</p>