Parties at Tulane

<p>How big is the party scene at Tulane? Are a lot of these parties open? Where do a lot of these parties take place? And, how easy is it for underage students to get alcohol at parties, in local bars, or at the Boot?</p>


<p>Tulane has a very healthy party scene (that is, for someone who doesn't think that time having fun is better spent studying). As far as openness, fraternities and sororities are pretty popular there so a lot of the parties are Greek related and therefore take place at their houses on broadway or at bars they rent out. I laugh at the question regarding underage drinking at Tulane; It's pretty obvious what's on your mind. I will answer your question this way, I live in New Orleans and my friends certainly have no problem getting what they want. As far as the specifics, if it's a greek party it depends on the rules of the chapter, if its an open party not run by tools than you can obviously indulge yourself, and at bars it depends. The Boot is kind of like many other bars in N.O.; if you can get in, you can most likely get your paws on something, whether someone with a wristband buys it for you or the bartenders just being lax.</p>

<p>DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure where you are from, but bars here get raided by cops sometimes, especially the ones that you and I would be able to get into.</p>

<p>this is way overly thorough for a response on getting tanked...</p>