Parties on Weekend 15th-17th October?

<p>Who knows what parties are happening this weekend with open invites?</p>

<p>Random post... :) but I'm feelin' ya. I say this should be a new USC forum topic. I'd be in. Anyways, on facebook, there was this posted:</p>

<p>"There is gonna be a sweet party at Palisades I on Fri, Oct 15th on the roof! Check out the flyer <a href=""&gt;;/a> . Its on the corner of Adams and Orchard. Check it out!!"</p>

<p>I would totally go, but my roommates are losers. jk, I'm not that mean... but still. :)</p>

<p>Haha, yeah. Actually, since I posted that I've gotten three invites through facebook... I have to say, that thing is awesome.</p>

<p>Where are you staying by the way? I'm at Trojan Hall... I think I remember off the old forums that you're a sophomore?</p>

<p>Yep, I'm a sophomore. I'm living at Troy Hall East (the apartments). So how's Trojan Hall going and freshman year? Hopefully it's awesome, and I must say, you must have joined the right groups on facebook, because I only got that one party invite. :)</p>

<p>Hey, I just saw on your profile that it was your birthday yesterday! Hope it was great, as all October birthdays are, of course. ;)</p>

<p>Hey uschicka....i just read the old forums about housing at USC. I read that u stayed at the Raddisson ur first year, so how was ur experience? Did u like it? was ur first year at USC all in all? Did u make a lot of friends, were u overwhelmed by the workload, did u get to socialize a lot? Why did u chose Troy hall apartments for ur second year and what kind of housing do u recommend at USC? Sorry for so many questions but I try to find out more about all the colleges that I'm interested in...</p>

<p>Whew, a lot of questions! :) Here goes:</p>

<li><p>I did live in the Radisson last year. As far as the living situation itself and its amenities, it was awesome. Unlike cramped dorm rooms, there was a lot of space, large, comfortable beds, a bathroom, AC, maid service, and just a nice, comfortable environment overall. Socially, however, it wasn't that great. A lot depended on the floor you were on and how much effort you put into meeting people, however. My floor was kind of antisocial as a whole, like people partied with some of the other people on the floor, but as a group we would never do anything. It was hard for our RA to get us to do events. </p></li>
<li><p>My first year at USC was good. The majority of my classes were pretty good, although there were some bad eggs (not the university's fault, just GEs that I had to take but had no interest in)....</p></li>

<p>-I did meet a lot of people, but I actually never had a set group of friends. I had friends to party with, friends to study with, friends to eat with. My situation is kind of unique. Many people here are in the Greek system. Many of those who aren't in it hate the Greek system. I'm in the middle. I did not join a sorority, but the type of girls that I would be friends with normally are in sororities. So either I never got a chance to meet them, or they had a lot of other friends, or I met girls not in sororities that didn't really have the same interests as I. So I did meet a lot of great people, but it's kind of hard for me not being in a sorority, when those are the type of girls I would normally be friends with. I don't know if that makes any sense. :) ..... </p>

<p>-I was never overwhemed by my schoolwork. Of course there were nights that were hard, but last year was a transition year for me. I basically took GE courses, and switched from Business to English, so I didn't have too many hard classes.... </p>

<p>-I did get to socialize, which was AMAZING. I could never party too much, so I wish I could have more, but it was still amazing. The Row is awesome, and that is part of the reason of why my year last year was so great. I hope that didn't sound shallow, but it's great having such a balanced school, with academics and socializing. And above all, the football games are AWESOME. I just got back a little while ago from one, and let me tell you- wow. Do not miss them if you come here. They are just an overwhelming experience, filled with screaming, excitement, school spirit/pride, and 90,000 people.</p>

<li>I actually didn't choose Troy Hall (East) to live in this year. It's a long story, but I had to be put on the wait list for housing this year because so many people requested housing. I got placed off the waitlist into an apartment complex kind of far from campus, and so I applied for reassignment. By some stroke of luck, I got Troy East. Troy and Troy East are the two places I was hoping to get into. They are known for being more social than others, and are located right between campus and the Row. They are also pretty nice apartments.<br></li>

<p>-Are you going to be a freshman or a transfer? If you're a freshman, where you should live depends on what type of scene you're looking for. New/North I'd recommend if you want the most social scene. If you want really nice living conditions with better food, I'd recommend Parkside. If you want studious living, Trojan or Mark Hall, but you'd have to be an honors student. If you tell me more specifically what you're looking for, I can try to tell you better which one might be a better fit. Feel free to ask any questions!</p>

<p>uschicka....thanks so much for ur quick and LONG response!!!!....LOL...I appreciate it a lot! Thanks! I think it's better to actually ask students of each college what they think about the specific college instead of talking to a rather biased tour guide that wouldn't honestly tell you about the bad sides of the school. I am an international student applying for fall 2005 and if I happen to be accepted (hopefully!!) and attend I think I would chose to live at Parkside International Residential college, just because I would like to be around other international students too. I visited in the summer and I thought the school was nice, I just didnt really get a good feeling from the student-atmosphere as far as the whole "rich kids/greek people" thing but other than that I liked USC a lot. But I know and have read it before on CC that you can have friends no matter what kind of person you are. So I am not too worried about that. I am applying for Bussiness (btw does ur admission also depend on what u chose for a major? e.g. is it harder to be admitted if u have bussiness for ur first choice?). Do you hear about whether you got admitted earlier if you apply earlier too (like apply in the end of october?!)? And do you anything about the whole situation for international students...I know that USC likes international students, but what specifically are they looking for and do Americans even interact with internationals? Thanks so much for ur help!</p>

<p>Hey, thanks for the birthday wishes USChicka! I see that it was your birthday on the 4th; hope that was good.</p>

<p>Trojan Hall is pretty great... obviously not as social as New & North, but it's fun and very social, at least the 2nd-3rd floor connection is great (girls on the 2nd, guys on the 3rd). Weekends are about as wild as New & North (I have some friends there). Wall-to-wall puking is common, but I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.</p>

<p>Foreigngirl, I'm an international student, so maybe I can answer your question about Americans interacting with us. As far as I can see, the Americans at USC are very cool about international students (given that USC is a very select collection of reasonably intelligent people), but a lot of international students choose to stick to groups of their own nationality. Since Trojan Hall is a Deans Hall, most people here are on scholarship, so there's a reasonably wide range of people (I'd say 30% international), and the Americans here are very happy to learn about foreign countries... though of course I can't speak for all of campus. I've personally never encountered hostility for the few months I've been here, not on campus anyway. If you'd rather socialize with international students, consider staying at Parkside (also, like USChicka said, that's the most comfortable place to live).</p>

<p>Thanks a lot Trojan for your help also. Where are you from and what were your test scores (SAT, TOEFL)?? Right now I am working on my applicatio(s), maybe you can give me some tipps about where to watch out etc. If I would go to USC I think I would put Parkside as my first choice, simply because I would like to be close to other international students even though I want to make American friends as well, of course. have u liked ur USC experience so far?</p>

<p>Your admission, I believe, does depend on your major. While Business is a more competitive major than some, compared to the Cinema-Television School, it's not too hard... You don't learn earlier if you are accepted if you apply earlier... I don't know much about the international student situation. The school administration itself is welcoming to international students, and I think the students here on campus are open to them as well. In my experience, however, it seems that international students stick with fellow international students. One of my roommates this year if from Pakistan, and all of her friends are Middle-Eastern, and it seems like she doesn't really make the effort with me or my other roommates. But she seems perfectly happy with her situation. So, basically, I think if you want to meet American students you will have no problem whatsoever, but if you want to meet fellow international students, that will be easy as well. I would definitely recommend Parkside if you would like to be close to other international students.</p>

<p>"There is gonna be a sweet party at Palisades I on Fri, Oct 15th on the roof! Check out the flyer <a href=""&gt;;/a> . Its on the corner of Adams and Orchard. Check it out!!"</p>

<p>hey uscchika, did you end up going to that party? how was it? i'm asking because i might live there next year and just wondering how it is. that's kind of interesting how they had a roof party, is that a common thing there? is the roof just a roof (haha) or is it adept for relaxing? i'd assume the view of downtown LA was nice. </p>

<p>sorry for all the questions...</p>

<p>Don't worry about asking questions! I like answering them. </p>

<p>I actually didn't go to that party, sorry, and I don't know anyone who lives there, so I've never been over there. A lot of help, I know. :) I'd assume that the roof was just a roof, but you never know, it could be for relaxing and stuff. So, basically, don't trust a word I say about Palisades. :)</p>