<p>Ok so I have a couple questions about parties in general.</p>

<p>1) for men, what should they wear (assuming there is no theme)? Just jeans and a t-shirt?</p>

<li><p>How do students find out about these parties? </p></li>
<li><p>Do students just go without invite or are most of them invited to the party? </p></li>

<p>Any other info about partying in college please feel free to post here!!</p>

<p>1) Codpiece and a wifebeater. Or jeans and a tshirt/whatever the hell you wanna wear frankly. Or, if you're sup3r fr4tty, red slacks with some sort of nautical creature print and a yellow shirt, tucked in.
2) Friends
3 Usually you're invited, or a friend's invited and they invite you.</p>

<p>Don't dress like a schmuck. Put on something nice. They all wear ties and button downs in New York.</p>

<p>1) Where whatever you typically wear. I assume your talking about a house party, not a fancy dressed gala. On a girls side, I never fully understood why girls would wear skirts just to a house party (often times cig smoke filled, beer split all over, etc), I never thought about it till me and a female friend wear leaving and she wanted to change into jeans.</p>

<p>2) Friends of friends. There often times just said a "get togethers" or "Some of us are getting some alcohol and going to Mike's apartment" The signs posted around campus for "Mitch A Palooza" are usually just in movies. If anyone had some sense they wouldn't publicly advertise like that, as it gives a tip to cops and could have way more show up then safely possible (Read about the 400 something people who showed up due to a Myspace party invitation) </p>

<p>3) Invited, but once you become friends with people who throw get-together often, it becomes a "you don't need to be formally invited" Even then most of these events aren't VIP only or have a bouncer at the front door. Just get a few friends and with your head high and a open-positive attitude just walk in.</p>

<p>Happy Partying.</p>

<p>Now and then there are public Facebook events, usually for big parties put on by a cluster of houses.</p>

<li><p>Polo, Jeans, and Nikes in the summer. Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt (or any warm long sleeve), jeans, and nikes in the winter. You don't want to wear a coat because you will have to worry about putting it somewhere, or it getting stolen. </p></li>
<li><p>People talk. Get in good with a few people that have a lot of friends. Or one of those girls that flirts with a ton of guys, they always get invited to parties. Once you meet more people you will start getting invited to more and more parties.</p></li>
<li><p>Usually someone gets invited, and it's ok to bring a few friends with you... just don't invite half of the Freshman class. Sometimes downtown you can find a party buy just walking by a house and going around back and paying to get in. Personally, I only go to houses where I know someone. </p></li>

<p>College parties are awesome. The best ones are theme ones, ABC (anything but clothes), all white party, etc. </p>

<p>Any other questions feel free to message me.</p>

<p>Wow this sounds like do much fun!!!! I'm do excited!!!</p>

<p>wow,sounds so funny!</p>

<p>1) It depends on the party. Usually, just wear whatever you're comfortable in - I'll usually wear jeans and a t-shirt, and my roommate might wear a polo shirt. Sometimes, for classier parties, we'll wear button-up shirts and khakis, but that's not too common.</p>

<p>2) I honestly never know. I find out from my friends.</p>

<p>3) It depends. If it's a huge party, you just go. If it's a smaller party in someone's room, you pretty much need to know someone there, or at least show up with someone who knows the people who live there. Besides, why would you want to go to a party where you don't know anyone?</p>

<p>1) I mean, it depends. If you overdress you're going to look like as much of a shmuck (more even) than if you underdress. Jeans and a polo shirt are pretty common, as are jeans and a tshirt. Basically wear whatever you're comfortable in unless you know the people throwing the party are trying to be classy or whatever. Do buy some clothes that aren't t-shirts at some point though; they're nice to have.</p>

<p>2) Friends and friends of friends. Talk to everybody in your hall; odds are somebody knows an upperclassman from highschool or something that throws parties. At some schools it is fairly normal to just wander into big house parties but don't do that unless you know it's ok where you are. Once you go to a couple parties and manage not to make an arse of yourself to the hosts facebook them and then you can find out that way. </p>

<p>3) A little bit of everything. Most of the time I went to a party I was invited or was going along with someone that was invited. A handful of times I wandered into places without knowing anyone. That really only works in parties that are really big where you can sort of 'blend in' and it can get awkward when you bump into one of the hosts and they ask who you know there.</p>

<p>None of this applies if you're a moderately attractive girl. They're welcome anywhere.</p>