<p>are there any parties during admit weekend???</p>

<p>i'm sure they would be, but they are all dry...</p>

<p>why are they dry???</p>

<p>oh cmon, would campus admin really want a bunch of drunk high school seniors wandering around campus?? =P</p>

<p>Just because official admit weekend activities don't include alcohol doesn't mean that it won't be around somewhere. But you'll have plenty of time for that during the school term. Your focus during admit weekend should not be on where the parties and alcohol are. If it is, then you should probably just stay home!</p>

<p>You guys sign a paper when you get here saying you won't drink. </p>

<p>If you drink, your admission can be revoked.</p>

<p>omg revoked?? that is harsh. lol i guess im goign to yale. they got me drunk and i still was able to see the school for what it is. stanford is said to be a big party school and that is just as big a part of the life there as anything else. by not allowing us to experience that really takes away from the experience in my opinion. i am dissapointed</p>

<p>If getting drunk is so important to your Stanford admit weekend experience, then by all means, stay on the east coast!</p>

<p>I want to say more, but the CC moderator would probably censor my post.</p>

<p>you dont have to be rude. im just trying to have a good time as i visit a school. i really hope that all the other kids arent as uptight as you on this topic or than stanford is not as laid back as i thought. i love stanford and i want to see it which i will do all day but at night i will like to experience college life. there is nothing wrong with that.</p>

<p>IMHO, it is very disappointing that the only dialogue a 17 year old can offer, regarding experiencing college life at night, is about parties and drinking. There should be more to night life than parties and drinking.</p>

<p>Nothing in my previous posts is rude. But since this thread is going nowhere (IMHO), is not providing any information, and has no resolution in sight, I will simply stop posting to it.</p>

<p>thanks for putting me down for being myself. if that is how i haev a good time than you should just respect that. i dont see the problem. it actually really hurts when people lash out at you for being who you are.</p>

<p>The reality is most underage students drink to have fun. Don't judge him. "He That Is Without Sin Among You, Let Him First Cast a Stone"</p>

<p>I'll be right there holding your ankles up for the kegstand, buddy</p>

<p>Good time=drunk? Sorrow in the heart of a mom.</p>

<p>oh, if only you knew what else your child(ren) have been doing.</p>

<p>that's why some things are better left unsaid.</p>

<p>the party life is something you get to look forward to. We're trying to keep the campus safe, as there have been more than a few pro-fro hospital trips in the past.</p>