Party At My House!!!!!!!!!!

<p>omg, i cant tell you guys how relieved and happy i was today when i sent in my harvard app.........guess all thats left is to wait, huh? well....whatever happens, all that matters is that we're confident about what we submitted and are proud of our accomplishments!!! Post any funny stories you guys have of the night before the application deadline. I was up till 3 am (along with a bunch of other EA applicants) putting the finishing touches on the app.......woo hoo!!!!!!! </p>

<p>p.s. anyone gonna be visiting the campus anytime soon?</p>

<p>just sent mine in..but i have no expectations....what i want to know is...who didn't attach a resume but feels that the activities/achievements listed on the app itself are enough???</p>

<p>not me, honestly i think anyone who doesn't do a resume would be at a pretty big disadvantage</p>

<p>now the supplemental essay is REALLY optional, imo
you should only write that if you have something REALLY important to say</p>

<p>sabinscabin(or anyone else): do you think one should attach a resume just to expand upon activities that one has alredy talked about on the app...cuz i would think that the ad com person doesn't want to have to go thru the same things again...????...</p>

<p>I would have if I HAD ANY ACTIVITIES TO EXPOUND ON! (I'm so screwed =D)</p>

<p>I have sent a 4-page resume-with 70 major achievements since 9th grade.Will adcom count it against me for sending such a long one?</p>

<p>Not as screwed as me. My essay sucks. Wrote it the night before. I'm gonna die.</p>

<p>akashbansal, you make me quiver... where did you get the time for 70 achievements? What kinds of achievements are they? Ooh... I'm RD though, but I already sent in my app!</p>

<p>hey akashbansal,how in the heck do u have 70 achievments?! how do u compete with that?</p>

<p>'Not as screwed as me. My essay sucks. Wrote it the night before. I'm gonna die."</p>

<p>modestmouse ur not alone</p>

<p>second what hello says</p>

<p>shjanama77, yes, you really need a resume. </p>

<p>The stuff on the common app is just a chart, it's meaningless. </p>

<p>no matter how detailed you get, it's just a chart, it can't make your achievements come alive</p>

<p>dude....anything above 1pg is completely unnecessary. elite companies will toss out any RESUME that is more than 2pgs long. </p>

<p>i do think you should attach something to explain what you've been doing with yourself in high school, but 4pgs is absurd. not to be mean but i do think that it will hurt you unless all of the acheivements were extraordinary. all of us could write many pages about what we've done...the key is to pinpoint what's important and what you plan to spend the rest of your life doing.</p>

<p>i'm with ecs to talk about in a resume...
and with modestmouse: supp essay 2 hours before submitting the app!!!
i think i have a great chance...<em>sigh</em></p>

<p>w00t we're going to Harvard! <em>high fives</em></p>

<p>some people need some confidence ::wink wink::</p>

<p>I'm glad to have the application off my hands.</p>

<p>Now, there is like nothing to do........ just wait.</p>

<p>No more SATs, SAT IIs, etc for me........</p>

<p>isnt a resume just a list anyway, so how is that any less detailed than the chart?</p>

<p>no ones written any funny/interesting stories, which was the whole point of this thread!!!! :)</p>

<p>for shjanama
I finished supp essay 10 minutes before appication deadline.</p>