Party Culture at Pitzer

Hi. Can anyone provide information on what the party culture is like at Pitzer? Specifically pot. My D is thinking of applying ED1, loves the majors, the 5C opportunities, location etc, but is hearing that everyone smokes a lot. She is fine with pot around and is not judgmental but would also like to find a group of friends that are not into it. She is an athlete and not against partying during off season but if everyone is smoking all the time that might be a bit much. I know it’s everywhere and I can’t imagine the whole college is filled with stoners but it has quite the reputation so would love to know if there is a significant portion of the student body that does not partake. I have also heard that students don’t care or pressure anyone but at the same time, she would like to find like-minded students in this regard.

My daughter is at Pitzer and I’ve asked her about it myself because she’s not someone who smokes or drinks a lot herself. She says that there are a lot of students who smoke but that there are many kids who don’t. In her group of friends she hangs out with there are a few who partake periodically but most of them don’t. She says although Pitzer has that reputation it doesn’t bother her at all and that there’s quite a mix. Beyond that she is very happy there, has made some great friends, gotten to know a number of professors, gotten involved in different activities – we’ve been thrilled to see how well she’s acclimated and thrived.

That’s great to hear. Thank you!