Party scene at Yale?

<p>Before I am castigated for asking a question that has most likely been posited many times before, I checked the first few pages but was unable to locate a thread. So... I'm curious: is there a party scene at Yale? To what extent? Moreover, how does partying work out with the housing system at Yale?</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses. =]</p>

<p>There's definitely a party scene at yale, and people are generally pleased with it. It's varied and diverse... frat parties for free beer and big muscle-y guys, toads for concerts and sketchy dancing... room parties to chill w. your friends, party suites to bring residential colleges together, college/organization sponsored parties in resco dining halls, and there are several clubs within a few blocks of campus. Free alcohol is pretty easy to find, and there's always something going on somewhere wednesday through saturday night.... you just have to know where the party's at. Covers on campus are rarely more than a few dollars. </p>

<p>The housing system is a venue for a small part of the party scene. Residential colleges have party suites... the procedures surrounding them are different, but in general they're large suites that are expected to host a couple of parties throughout the year. Sometimes they get money from their college to throw parties. Whole colleges occasionally throw parties, like Silliman's Safety Dance (which is held in commons bc. its too big). Some of these, like Safety Dance, are open to the public. Some, like JE's Spider Ball, are just for people in that college (and their dates). But there's a lot of party scene that has nothing to do with the residential colleges.</p>

<p>The party scene is very creative, too. But even if they get boring, know that the "non-partying" pursuits around campus are top notch. My circle of friends definitely did the party scene our first two years. But slowly we discovered the many many other cool, not to be missed, things to be done. Theatre, recitals, concerts, sports, comedic performances, speakers, films. Not to mention road trips throughout the NE and nearby NYC. Bored you won't be. Having a difficult time deciding what to do -- most likely.</p>

<p>T26E4 - that is the impression I have from my DD. She just doesn't think there are enough hours in a day or days in a week.</p>