Party scene?

Hi, I am almost certainly attending Clark university for 2017 and although I love everything I’ve seen about the school, I’m a little worried about the lack of a party scene I’ve heard about. Can anyone confirm if there is or isn’t much of one? I like partying and I want to have fun in college, so if that’s the kind of person I am, am I going to be disappointed at Clark? Please no rude answers please, I’m aware that this is kind of a shallow area to focus on.
Thank you!

If you’re thinking Greek-life or D1 Football house type parties, then no. Clark has neither of those or any other crazy media-hyped, drug-infused, thousands-of-students-ragers. But yes, there are people at Clark who party. The best part of Clark for me though was that if you wanted to party one weekend then there are scenes for that, but on the other hand, if you didn’t feel like going to a party, you have plenty of alternatives and social scene for that to be okay as well. I had plenty of fun for 4 years at Clark, it’s what you make of it.