Party schools

<p>U of Texas-Austin tops annual list of nation's best party schools</p>

<p>By Liz Austin Peterson, Associated Press Writer | August 21, 2006</p>


AUSTIN, Texas --The Texas Longhorns earned another national title Monday, not for football but as the country's best party school.</p>

<p>The University of Texas at Austin beat Penn State University, West Virginia University and last year's winner, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Princeton Review survey of 115,000 students at campuses around the country.</p>

<p>It topped the overall list -- its first time atop the Princeton Review chart -- by ranking second in the use of hard liquor, third in beer drinking and 13th in marijuana smoking.</p>

<p>The Princeton Review put UMass-Amherst at number seven on the list, making UMass the only New England school listed in the top ten.</p>

<p>For the ninth straight year, Brigham Young University was voted the most "stone cold sober" school. Wellesley College represented New England on the "stone cold" list, coming in at number nine.


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