party shoes

<p>so I know this is a really silly question but what do people wear to parties (frats) in the middle of the winter when there is snow on the ground? Do people still wear tank tops/ dresses or are they in snow boots or Uggs or something?</p>

<p>I'm gonna assume you're a girl. In the winter, you wear your winter boots and a coat with party clothes underneath your coat. You leave your coat at the door/in a brother's room/tucked away somewhere safe and pray that it doesn't get puked on.</p>

<p>you still wear heels. maybe heeled boots if its awful out, but you do not wear uggs to parties.</p>

<p>if its gross out you'll take a cab/take rides instead of walk, and starting second semester you'll have rides to mixers and everything so you can wear heels.</p>

<p>it really depends on what type of person you are and who you hang out with - you'll probably do what most of your friends do. i've seen people wear uggs to parties. now, i don't understand uggs at all, but i've heard they're warm and people wear them a lot (even though they're not waterproof... which doesn't make sense given that we're in ithaca). my friends and i don't wear heels. well, we rarely do. generally, we're good in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers (usually kicks). sometimes we'll "dress up" if we're so inclined, but nothing to the extent that some girls do. </p>

<p>just be rational. do you really want to sacrifice sensibility for a couple of hours of boys ogling at your legs? ithaca is hilly. the decent boys won't be any less attracted to you if you decide to wear boots/sensible shoes instead of 4-inch stilettos that you're probably going to wipe out in when you get trashed and start stumbling (not to mention when it's winter and the roads/sidewalks aren't probably de-iced).</p>

<p>i guess every party and social scene is different, but I've never seen girls at parties in a tshirt or sneakers. personally i prefer wearing dresses and skirts - if its freezing I'll wear black tights. some girls wear jeans with heels and a cute dressier top. You really won't be walking a ton, once it was snowy my friends always took cabs or convinced boys to drive us. </p>

<p>and the boys probably will pay less attention if you're dressed sloppy.</p>

<p>im tall so i only wear heels sometimes. would cute, nicer flats work too?</p>

<p>yeah for sure, especially if you're taller. im on the taller side so i usually wear lower hels to get the look without towering over everyone, and cute flats definitely work. </p>

<p>I was a little narrow in my first post, there's definitely more range. the primary point is about dressing cute and making an effort. usually that means what i described above, but if you can rock different styles then by all means go for it. </p>

<p>also it obviously depends on where you're actually going and the day of the week. for example as it gets later in the semester you'll see many more girls in jeans or leggings and boots, especially on weeknights, which are more casual.</p>

<p>a general guideline of party shoes i'd suggest if you're reasonably social and plan on going out:
-a pair of basic black pumps or something you know you can wear comfortably
-a few "fun" heels - more interesting cool heels, more detailed etc that aren't super fancy but that you wouldnt wear everyday. your personal style
-flat boots (you'll wear during the day too)
-heeled boots (ankle or taller, whatever you like)
-cute flats
-fancier heels to wear with a cocktail dress to formals</p>

<p>I'm in a frat and I can say that there is no need to dress up SO MUCH unless you are absolutely intent on being taken home that night...lots of times it is negative attention especially when you are drunk. But yeah, I don't see a lot of people with just a t-shirt and jeans, but that isn't going to automatically exclude you or anything...lots of times it's almost like the girls are dressing up so much just to look good for their friends or be slutty...</p>

<p>honestly, if you're confident and can rock whatever outfit you're wearing, you're good. no one really cares that much - and even if some people do judge/care that much, does it really matter? no.</p>