Party & Social Scene

<p>Hello, I am looking at the possibility of attending Rhodes as a member of the class of 2019. I am one that doesn't want to participate in the traditional college social scene (drinking, partying, etc.). Are there other students at Rhodes of a similar mindset, and what sorts of activities do these individuals engage in? Are these students looked down on or don't fit in with the others? Any comments are helpful. Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>Currently a Rhodes student; I would say yes, there are these students, but bear in mind from a sheer numerical standpoint, there are much less of them than there would be at a larger school.The implication here is that it might be more difficult to find others who don’t drink/party etc and share other interests with you. That said, plenty of people do not party at Rhodes, and Memphis offers ample opportunities to escape campus for non-drinking weekend activities (as the campus itself does not really offer an alternate activity or space to “hang out” on weekends…on Fridays and Saturdays, library closes at 5, dining hall at 7:30). Substance free dorms might be a nice option as it would allow you to meet students with similar interests and offer a quiet place to hang out during parties. I don’t think not drinking is a deal-breaker in the least, especially when surrounded by such a vibrant city</p>

I am in the same boat as you. I love Rhodes but the drinking does make me slightly nervous, because this was never my scene in high school. I have talked to a girl I know there and she said although drinking is common, there is not much peer pressure. She said that if she is not in the mood for drinking, she never feels any judgment or pressure to do so. Hope this helped, and good luck with your college search!

I am a student at Rhodes, and the drinking scene is very present. I chose to not go to many parties because it’s not really my scene, and I heard my roommate talking to other people about how “lame” I am and how I “don’t have any friends because I am boring and don’t party.” Obviously this experience is not the same for everyone, but that’s just to give you an example.