Pass/Fail Class in High School looks bad? HELP!

<p>So this year I'm taking a total of 7 AP classes (Bio, French, Calc BC, Euro, Gov, Econ, and English Lit). It obviously proved to be a bit stressful, so I decided to take AP Euro "Pass/Fail." That basically means that the class doesn't count toward my GPA, and on my transcript, as long as I pass the class, it'll read a "P." </p>

<p>I took AP Euro last minute because of a scheduling conflict between AP Bio and AP Music Theory. I thought the class would be a fun and chill class, but it turned out to be a bit stressful. I took it "Pass/Fail" because it was more of a superfluous class, and I wanted to focus on my core classes without stressing about my grade in an elective course. However, I did manage to earn an A (specifically, a 90) for the semester. </p>

<p>The thing is, I didn't know that "Pass/Fail" might have a negative connotation to elite colleges and that they might assume that a student taking a class "Pass/Fail" got an unattractive grade, such as a C or D. Should I send an update to Yale, just to clarify my intentions of taking the class "Pass/Fail," and inform them of my adequate grade in the class? Thank you! </p>

<p>DO NOT send an update, as it’s not worth it and will call attention to the pass/fail class you are taking. Admissions will focus on the 6 AP’s that you are taking for credit; if your mid-term report comes back 94+ in all those 6 AP’s, they will assume you are doing just as well in the pass/fail class. </p>

<p>Well, my grades for this semester have been:</p>

<p>AP Bio - 92
AP French - 94
AP Calc BC - 93
AP Euro - P (90)
AP English Lit - 100
AP Gov - 94</p>

<p>In my school, Gov and Econ are semester classes, so I’m taking Econ this semester. These are somewhat lower than junior year grades. My grades aren’t fab, but they’re not abysmal. What do you think? Same opinion?</p>

<p>Yes, same opinion; admissions will assume you are doing low 90’s work in your pass/fail AP, so there’s no need to update them.</p>

<p>I had two Pass/Fail classes each semester my senior year and Yale still accepted me! Don’t sweat it!</p>