Pass/ Fail courses and grad schools

I am taking 6 courses in my freshman year. The bio lab is pass/ fail. I can’t change it into A-F grading system. Another course is like a program and it is also only Pass/Fail. I am planning yo major in molecular bio and bioinformatics. I am taking chem, data analysis, molecular biology systems in the A-F courses
I am taking anthropology of science but i don’t feel that i am good at this course. Should i make it A-F or pass/ fail? I am planning to apply to research graduate university , so i am afraid that they might find it weird ti have 3 C/U courses. Anthropology is not related to my major, and the other two Pass/Fail courses can not be graded. I am afraid that this anthropology class affects my GPA,but also afraid that it might affect my admission to a good graduate school- my dream gard school is Caltech :frowning:

Any suggestions?

Note: i can’t drop the class

Don’t worry about courses that are required to be taken P/NP, P/F, C/U or similar.

PhD programs mostly care about upper level courses and grades in your major (or which are related to your graduate major), undergraduate research, and recommendations derived from that. So an occasional out-of-major course with voluntary P/NP, P/F, C/U, or similar grading is unlikely to matter. But keep that to a small number to avoid any impression of dodging rigor.