Pass Fail due to Medical Reasons ( Urgent please...)

Hi, my son is applying for Colleges.
4.1 GPA, 35 ACT, 7 AP credit,
The last two weeks has been sick ( documented ) and the school wants to change all his grades to PASS/FAIL.
The counselor will send a letter explaining the situation along with his last progress reports ( As and A-)
He is applying to top Universities though. I am afraid this will not be ideal. Please share your opinion, on what should we do.

That would be fine. They will understand and his prior record supports the counselor’s report.

Thank you for your answer, as he is extremely anxious about this situation. He wants them to allow him to complete the courses and the exams. He believes that he can maintain and even increase his A-s at this point. He has worked too hard, to accept seeing PASSES instead of 95s in his report. I hope that they will accept this.

I agree that it should be fine admission-wise. It sounds like it is an appropriate way to handle the situation. It is good that the explanation comes from the guidance counselor (not the student) and that the progress reports will be attached.

What should your son do? I think he should either stop by or write an email to thank his guidance counselor for coming up with such a fair and appropriate way to handle/document his illness without hurting his college admissions chances.

Thank you for your response on this Happy1, it is reassuring.

Just for another data point, could you call the admissions office of one of his top choices and present the question to them?