Pass / Failing vs. taking the grade

<p>Is it bad to pass/fail a course that's not related to your major? I'm a freshman economics major with a 3.5 and am enrolled in a course which I am predicting I will get a B- (Intro to Psych) in (I have As in the rest of my classes this semester). More importantly, I may apply to transfer in the near future. Should I follow through and do a late application for pass/fail or just accept this grade?</p>

<p>Why not just take the B-?</p>

<p>to keep my GPA up in case I want to transfer</p>

<p>pass= C, so take the B-</p>

<p>Atleast here, a pass has no effect on your GPA. Do you mean that people assume a pass is a C? If that's the case, why can you only pass/fail without petition only up to 5 weeks into a course</p>

<p>Pass is given if you have an A,B, or C. When the "pass" is viewed on your transcript, it could possibly be assumed that you had a C in the class at the time. You have a B, so stay in the class.</p>

<p>^ I completely disagree. Take the pass/fail. A lot of colleges, including top colleges (Yale for one), have a system where they allow students to take a limited number of courses pass/fail. Usually the pass/fail is indicated prior to the student taking the class, but in any case, a pass does NOT automatically mean a C. Especially considering that this class is not for your major, it isn't worth taking a B- in it, and thus severely damaging your GPA and future transfer prospects. Also, a pass is NOT the same as a W on a transcript, so you shouldn't really worry about taking the pass.</p>

<p>Well after the 5th week, you have to petition to get a pass/fail. Anywho, thanks for all of your thoughts!</p>

<p>So long as there's no indication of you taking the pass AFTER being halfway through the semester, there's no reason not to take the pass instead of the B-.</p>

<p>Thanks! Yeah I petitioned for it and it'll show up on my transcript like any ole pass/fail.</p>