Pass/ No Pass for a high schooler taking Multivariable Calculus at Community College


I’m taking multivariable calculus at my community college as a junior in high school. I have finished Calculus BC at my high school with As. I’m worried that I will probably get a B in this class as it’s pretty probable that I’ll actually end up getting a B. Should I do Pass/No Pass instead of getting a B? If I do Pass/No pass, it does not affect my high school or future college GPA.

Also, if I take a community college class in high school, if the credits end up not transfering to my future college, does the class still affect my GPA at that college?

I see no validity in going to P/NP for fear of a B.

If the credits don’t transfer, they will not impact your college GPA. If the credits do transfdr, they may or may not impact your college GPA. Depends on the college.

Exception. All college classes count toward your GPA if applying to med school even if not part of the college GPA

Take the B, as long as there is no chance of it being a C.

I’m a junior in high school that took AP Calculus BC and got a 5. I signed up for multivariable calculus this year and it seems like a class where I have to spend a lot of time studying in order to get an A; I might actually end up getting a B and I don’t want that on my permanent college record before I even get to college. If I’m not going into the STEM field as my future college major, should I even bother taking this class? Should I just take another class and would it look, “just as good,”?

Welcome to college life.

Your college GPA counts if you apply to any grad schools (med, law, MBA, PhD, etc). So the multivariable calc class will count towards the overall GPA. Grad schools will ask you to compute a GPA from all of the colleges you’ve attended.

A B doesn’t sound so bad, especially for a high school junior. Just study as hard as you can, even if you get a B, I don’t think its the end of the world. I think it looks very impressive actually