Passes and changing classes.

<p>Hi everyone. I have a couple questions.</p>

<p>One is, well, I want to switch professors for my Calc class but as of a few days ago, the lecture of the professor I want is full. From experience, would you say people drop classes enough during their second passes? Do I have a chance of switching into the class I want? </p>

<p>Also, does everyone have the same pass times? Or at least, do all freshman or something? If my 2nd pass is on the 19th, does that mean so is everyone else's or are they all over the place?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>As far as switching into the calc class goes, you should still attend the class that you're currently enrolled in, and go to the other class as well (hopefully there isn't a time conflict between the two). You should talk to the professor of the class you want to see if it would even be possible for you to switch in, and it's also important to talk to the TA of the section you'd want to attend to see what they have to say (at least from my experience, the TA's actually have more say in who can enroll in the class because they usually have the enrollment codes and professors don't want to deal with all that stuff). Until you figure out which class you're going to be in, I think it's really important to attend both classes so you don't fall behind in either of them. It could take two weeks or maybe even more to narrow it down to one class, so you should really consider whether you are willing to have double the work load for the slight possibility that you can switch classes. And I'm sure there are some sophomores trying to take the class, so just keep in mind that you're a freshmen and have less priority. </p>

<p>And no, everyone doesn't have the same pass times. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think honors students get priority over everyone, so they get first dibs, followed by the rest of the upperclassmen, and then the lower classmen. There might be a separation between the times of the seniors-juniors, and sophomores-freshmen, but I'm not sure. I do know, though, that they don't pack everyone into the same day. They spread the pass times over maybe a week's worth of time. During the first quarter of last year I wasn't in honors, and it's definitely a pain trying to sign up for classes even if they do spread out the pass times. My advice to you: get into honors!</p>

<p>If you have more questions, let me know!</p>

<p>Thanks Jennayy! I contacted the professor and she was very nice but said she didn't really have any control over that. However she forwarded my email to the math department's academic adviser and the lady emailed me back saying this </p>

<p>"you may be able to switch over on your next pass. If not, please don't drop the other 34A, stay enrolled, email me directly with the enrollment code for the section you want, and I should be able to switch you over." </p>

<p>However I'm not sure if she meant help put me into the class if it's full during my pass, or if she thinks I don't know how to use GOLD and will need her help getting into the class if it has space. I'd like to think it's the former but I really don't know.</p>

<p>There isn't a time conflict, I don't think, so I might do what you suggested. As for the TA's in the discussions, I don't know which to attend since really I'd take whichever one I could get know, the whole beggars can't be choosers lol. So then how do I decide which discussion to attend? Or can I not attend a discussion if I'm not enrolled?</p>

<p>^I think you have to attend a discussion</p>

<p>jennayy, that info is pretty helpful =), but I'm kinda still wondering about the honors program. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but... say if I have a GPA of 3.5+, will I automatically get into the honors or do I have to apply for it? Is there also a possibility that I don't get in even if I apply? thanks!!</p>

<p>I think what she's saying is if a space does open up on GOLD and you have an opportunity to add the class, then you should do that. But if that doesn't happen, you can send her the enrollment code for the section you want and she'll get you in (in case you don't know, the enrollment code is the random number listed next to the section on GOLD). I think there's probably students enrolled in the class that you want to be in who are trying to switch to the class you're currently enrolled in, so she doesn't want you to drop it so that spot can be saved for one of them. (If that was confusing, I just meant that you might be switching spots with someone from the other class) </p>

<p>As far as choosing a discussion goes, if you do end up having to e-mail her with an enrollment code, I would make a list of them in order of preference, just in case the first few don't work out...or something like that. Usually the really early (8 a.m.) or late (7 p.m. or 8 p.m.) sections are easier to get into, so keep that in mind (i.e. be sure to include a less desirable section in your list just in case). And yes, you can attend a section even if you aren't enrolled in the class, no worries. </p>

<p>And nicha...I'm assuming you're talking about a 3.5+ GPA in college (and not high school). If that's the case, yes, you have to apply for it...they don't automatically admit people into the honors program (except for those who get admitted out of high school). The application is really simple, it's just a single peice of paper that asks for basic information. I picked mine up last year, filled it out in 5-10 minutes, turned it in, and found out I was in the admitted to the honors program later that day. Don't worry, it's not rocket science =) If they do turn down honors applications, I've never heard of it happening, unless the student doesn't meet the requirements.</p>

<p>Cool, thanks Jennayy. That was very helpful. Hopefully it works out and she can get me in. There's still spaces in the class I'm in so I don't know if I'd really be switching with anyone...maybe she's just very nice and will enroll me in the class even if it's full? Lol, if she's even allowed to do that, which she probably isn't. I guess I'll see.</p>

<p>Oops salmonscrubs I missread your question, plz ignore what I wrote there :P</p>

<p>And thanks Jennayy =). And yep I mean a 3.5+ GPA in college. I saw the application form, the one that asks you a couple of questions about your educational goals and stuff.</p>