Path to a CFO

<p>Obviously, there is no clear cut path, but for those with the dream of one day becoming a CFO, what is a plausible and possible path to becoming one? Educationally and career-wise, what steps need to be taken to reach this level? For example, majors such as finance and accounting are more likely to be useful and maybe even essential, but in the corporate world, how does one move up the ladder and become a CFO?</p>

<p>Just curious. Thanks</p>

<p>One way I know is to start out in the finance/accounting department at any company and crunch numbers then go onto management and senior/executive level. it's the same as any other field, you either move up the ladder or make the right contacts so you can go work for their competitor.</p>

<p>An accounting undergrad degree. Work 4-5 years as a CPA in Big 4 or corporate accounting, then go to a top MBA........job with a Fortune 100 company. Work hard.</p>