does anyone live in or know anything about Patterson house? it seems chill but I'm worried it will be too mellow (people there don't really party). I'd appreciate any info.</p>

<p>You should check out the discussion group "The Dorms" on the Tulane Face book group Login</a> | Facebook</p>

<p>This is text of one of the posting from a current Tulane freshman who lives in Patterson:
"I currently live in Paterson House. As far as the dorms go, I would highly recommend it. They are larger on a whole than both Monroe and Sharp, the furniture is nicer, you have more freedom as to the arrangement of the furniture, and best of all, you get a sink in your room.</p>

<p>On the other hand, Paterson is a very small dorm. There is a sense of community, but it is a lot different than living in one of the larger dorms. In Paterson, the freshmen live on the inside two to a room with a community bathroom and upperclassmen live on the outside in suites comprising of two-people rooms and a bathroom. On the second and third floors, the inside freshmen on one half of the hall have an outside balcony. There are three floors (usually two of guys, one of girls) and you get to know everyone pretty quickly.</p>

<p>It is the wellness dorm, but because it is Tulane, there are very few people who choose to live in it, and as a result pretty much everyone parties anyway."</p>

<p>thanks! that sounds pretty good to me</p>

<p>Next to Wall which you have to apply to get into, Paterson is by far the best dorm for freshman. It's been renovated more recently and does have better furniture (more storage), it actually has closets with doors and A/C that you can control yourself (you'd be surprised how nice that is). My freshman year there was pretty wild and we all grew so close 10 of us now live together in the suites in paterson. The location is closer to Bruff than Monroe and Sharp, too.</p>