Paul G Allen College of Computer Science and Engineering

Wondering which of the two majors Computer Science or Computer Engineering at the Paul G Allen College is harder to get into. Thx

I do not know the answer to your question, but I do know the compensation package for some UW computer engineers. My suggestion is to list computer engineering as your first choice major, then think about where you would like to retire at age 30.

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The are equally hard, but the classes are slightly different to graduate. If both appeal equally, apply to the Allen School as there is only one direct admit admissions hoop.

When you apply to the College of Engineering you don’t necessarily get your first choice engineering major. You have to apply again to try to get placement into the Computer Engineering major.

Employers will not really care which degree you have, although if you want to work on hardware having engineering in the name of your degree is not a bad idea.

The real difference between CE and CS are just what courses you will end up taking outside of the core CS curriculum. Basically CE requires more math/lab science/circuits courses and CS will require more foreign language and general education credits.

Beyond that, CE has some stricter requirements on what CSE courses you take because it is ABET accredited (CS is not), but accreditation isn’t a big deal in this industry.

Because of those differences, most people do CS because it is more flexible and offers easier schedules (gen eds are easier than lab sciences, math courses, or circuits courses). But in the end it just matters on if you want to take more gen eds or STEM.