Pay for it

Should I wait til I actually get into college to start apply for non-specific scholarships?


Why the heck would you wait???

Many have fall deadlines to apply!

BTW…your subject line indicates that you’re looking for scholarships to pay for college. Non specific scholarships will NOT likely pay for college. Most are for small amounts, are VERY hard to get, and ONLY for freshman year. How would you pay for the other 3 years?

What is your situation? How much will your parents pay each year? Ask them, please don’t guess. We see later posts from a lot of disappointed students who thought their parents would pay more.

What are your test scores and GPA? (include SAT breakdown - don’t superscore))

If you need scholarships to pay for college, then apply to the schools that will give them to you for your stats.

Are you a U.S. citizen?

Some schools may reduce their financial aid if you get outside scholarships.

At our high school local scholarships start in winter/early spring. But they are only small amounts and mostly not renewable. They can be helpful for books and such.

Now is the time to apply to schools that give scholarships.