Paying for college without help of parents

My parents are not helping me pay for college, but I come from a middle-class family so my parents still earn enough money to make it so that I don’t receive much financial aid. Is there any way for me to get more financial aid by proving that I am paying for college myself and without the help of my parents?

Unfortunately if having parents that refuse to pay for college is the only thing that was needed to get financial aid, a lot of parents would refuse to pay for college.

One friend of a daughter was in a similar situation, although in her case her parent was not able to pay. She went to community college for two years close enough to be able to live with her father to save housing costs. After two years and really good grades she transferred with merit aid to an in-state public university that was still close enough for her to continue to live with her father. She is on track to graduate in May with excellent grades, very little debt, and a pragmatic marketable major.

I am thinking that you are likely to need to do something similar, and start at community college.

Another option is to look for merit aid.

Will you be able to live with your parents, and is your relationship such that this would be okay?

Now? NOT usually. If your parents are willing to say they no longer are supporting you, and will not declare you as a dependent for tax purposes, and YOU don’t except a dime of support from them, you might be able to get an extra $4000 in unsubsidized Direct Loans.

This would mean you couldn’t live at home, take any support from your parents, or benefit from things like using the family car or being on their car insurance.

@kelsmom do I have that right.

You can wait until you are 24 years old and are considered independent for financial aid purposes.

Is there a reason that your parents are refusing to pay for your college: past behavioral problems? lifestyle?