Paying Full-Sticker Ed Masters @ TC?


<p>I've seen the student debt discussions here and would love your thoughts:</p>

<p>Teachers College said they'd take me for a policy-based masters but, gave an aid package of all loans sans work study. COA=$45K. I do feel mislead about this given that TC awards both merit and, need-based aid. I applied too late to get any need-based help from TC though would qualify. </p>

<p>The financial aid office has been unresponsive, time-consuming, condescending. In short, a hazing. </p>

<p>Eventual goals: ed policy, philanthropy career</p>

<p>I'm not going to say no to TC but, am very seriously considering applying elsewhere in the next cycle and seeing if it's more affordable elsewhere and, feel that I'd have a good shot at merit aid.</p>

<p>Thoughts on biting the bullet or, deferring? </p>

<p>PS - COA = $45K with my working included.</p>


<p>I would not take on this kind of debt. If the problem is that you applied too late, maybe get a job for now, and try again next year (both to TC and elsewhere).</p>

<p>ditto nngmm</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you for your input.</p>

<p>fredmurtz, if this program gives merit aid, and it's not offering it to you, then it does not think of you as in the top portion of its applicant pool. That's not necessarily a problem, if 1) the degree will get you a job in a high-demand field, in which it won't matter that much what your position in your graduate class might happen to be, or 2) if you have reason to believe that your application doesn't represent your potential fairly (for instance, if you test poorly, or if your work ethic has improved a lot since your undergraduate years, so you expect to do better in your classes). BUT some schools offer places to marginally qualified people in order to "harvest" the tuition money, without really expecting them to succeed in the program or in the target profession. You do not want to be in this group. It's better to go to a program that wants you and is willing to support you in your career goals, even if it's somewhat less prestigious.</p>

<p>Debt bad idea.....</p>

<p>*feel that I'd have a good shot at merit aid.

<p>If you go to TC and then apply to transfer, would a school give good merit to a transfer student???</p>

<p> looks like many of TC's merit scholarships are for certain students.</p>

<p>I shoulda been clearer - while TC's aid process is explained as offering both merit and need tracks for applicants, my department's policy is to not award any masters students merit aid. Further, need-based aid seems to be rolling which is the road to now. Neither of those details were made known in any of their printed literature or, web materials.</p>