paying tuition, SLE, seminars, etc.


<li>when we pay our tuition bill, do we subtract our loans, financial aid, etc. or do they do that after we pay? i’m confused.</li>
<li>i didn’t get into sle, and when i e-mailed the director, i was told that if i still wanted to be in it when school starts, i should attend a meeting during orientation to see if there’s still space. HOWEVER, i’ll still be staying in wilbur. should i still attend the meeting? is it worth the effort?</li>
<li>does everyone enroll in seminars, and where can i go to find out which professors/seminars are good, and which ones aren’t so great? </li>

<p>THANKS :D</p>

<p>1.from what I heard from several sources is that you pay the difference between the anticipated aid and the total bill and then Stanford will pay the rest on Sept15.</p>

<li> By no means does everyone do the introductory seminars. You must apply for almost all of them, and you can imagine that it is competitive to get into a 15-person seminar. It's a great experience, though, and I highly recommend applying if any of them look good to you. After you've read through the course descriptions and narrowed down some that look interesting (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) you can feel free to ask on this board for opinions on classes and professors; maybe one of us will have had that professor or seminar before. <a href=""&gt;;/a> is usually a good resource for class/teacher opinions, but for some reason the site has not been working...</li>

<p>I am currently interested in a few introsems, but I imagine that composing the applications for the competitive introsems is going to be vastly different from writing undergrad application essays, so could anyone give me some pointers on how to approach the matter (as in length, focus, tone, etc)? What if I don't have any previous experience in the field to tell about my previous experiences? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>It's totally fine if you have no prior experience... you don't have to make anything up =] Just be honest and briefly discuss why you have become so interested in a field that you have not studied before.</p>

<p>As for getting in... I was accepted into 2 and rejected from one, which I guess is a so-so acceptance rate... I wrote relatively similarly to my entrance essays, but perhaps not as showy. I tried to write passionately and show how excited I was to learn. Or, if I had an inspiring experience, I told the story. Length... hmm... I think when I typed mine out in Microsoft Word, my essays were 2/3 of a page long. Very approximate. The tone I used was pretty much like me talking; I wanted to be honest, excited, and driven.</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch! That's very reassuring. :)</p>

<p>i know it wouldnt be smart to go crazy and write a huge amount for the essay responses, but is there a limit in the online app? how much is too much? like those 2/3 of a page was double-spaced, celestial?</p>

<p>I don't think there's a limit, but I'm not positive. Are the applications open? I tried to check but couldn't get to the application (via <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) but that could just be because I'm a junior. As for the length of what I wrote... I checked and for the "experiences relating to the class" question, the word count ranged from 78-168. The "why I want to participate" question word count ranged from 136-474. I don't know if I'm average, above, or below. I know of several people who just wrote a sentence or two... thought I don't know how successful they were =] I hope that gives you some idea, but don't worry if you're under or over that range.</p>

<p>if anticipated aid is more than the balance, do u still need to send the envelope back to Stanford? with money?</p>

<p>^no, not if aid > balance.</p>

<p>don't worry about the seminars. some are highly competitive, but others don't even fill up. i was in an intro seminar with three people in the winter.</p>

<p>viz sle: i won't lie, a big part of sle is the residential atmosphere. it may be possible to change housing, but if not, then it may not be worth it.</p>

if anticipated aid is more than the balance, do u still need to send the envelope back to Stanford? with money?


<p>No, in fact they will cut you a check in a few days.</p>