Payment missed for early action deadline

<p>I was able to complete everything through the comman app and sent out all my information on november 1st, transcript and test scores arrived much earlier . however, the school did not recieve the credit card payment until november 2nd. </p>

<p>On the app it said everything was completed November 1st except for that the application was downloaded november 2nd.</p>

<p>So did i completely miss the early app deadline, and have to wait until the other round of applications, or do i need to somehow notify admissions that they have to change my application for the other deadline</p>

<p>Downloaded does not necessarily mean that it's late, I think mine was downloaded Nov 5th last year and I was still EA. I've found that they aren't extremely strict on the deadline. I would call them just to make sure.</p>

<p>I thought downloaded meant that was the date the admissions actually pulled from the common app site into an admission file I think the date you submitted successfully is the date they would look at for EA.</p>

<p>Again it's not as clear cut as you would expect, especially with Michigan admissions whose organization can be described as "chaotic" at best. I would just call and confirm, the sooner the better because they still have the power as of now to sneak your application into the EA pile if you missed by like 5 minutes or something. From your situation thought I think you're fine.</p>

<p>My d got an email telling her that she was in the EA pool and should hear by December - so look for that as confirmation.</p>