<p>My NUPay profile says that I've payed something around 3,000 dollars so far for my tuition- I know that the bill is due tomorrow, and my parents say they signed up for some automatic payment plan by the month. I was wondering if that's true. If it is, are we charged for a "late payment" since the payment is over several months, and not as it's due tomorrow? I can't imagine they expect the entire bill to be paid in one sum...</p>

<p>The entire bill IS payed at one time, which is why there is a separate process to do a monthly plan. It's kind of like a loan where a third party will pay for the whole thing and then you pay monthly amounts (but no interest). However if you stop paying them, they'll come after you, so it's not like since you payed the monthly payments for the first eight months of a ten month plan (the ones you're in classes for) you can just stop. NUPay should have an "anticipated payment plan" credit or something with a similar name. Call the school if you don't.</p>