PC Regular Decision 2022

Hello! I can’t find any discussion for RD 2022 so I decided to create one! I was deferred in EA! Super bummed. Honestly, the decision didn’t make sense. I am a legacy and my school seems to be a tiny feeder school but I guess a lot of girls applied ED and were admitted so that worked against me. When do you think we will hear from Providence?

also post your stats here when decisions come out for people who apply next year!

Hello, I was also deferred EA and I was wondering if anyone knew when we would find out if we’ve been accepted… April 1st?

Based on last year’s and the year before’s discussion forums, decisions will be mailed and received around 3/17-3/21

I just noticed a post on FB from 3/5 that says they have finalized decisions and are printing. Hope that means they will be in the mail soon!

Good luck everyone!

Did anyone get anything?

Not yet. The PC Admissions Facebook page posted on March 5 that they were printing out the letters. In years past, they have posted on FB that the letters had been mailed so I think they’ll do that again this year

Any indication they will be going out this year March 17-21 or are they sticking to April 1 this year?

I’m assuming that they will be mailed soon. Maybe after the 21 but not as late as the 1

they posted on their facebook tonight that they are mailing Friday @ 11 am. So we should be getting them Saturday or Monday perhaps?

Yeah, depending on how close you live to Providence

Will it be on the portal or will we get an email prior to mail?

I just looked on the FB page of PC and PC Admissions and there was nothing about mailing today at 11?

Yeah same ^^^^ The only thing on the facebook was from 3/5 when they said they were printing decisions

Sorry it was actually PC admissions on

will it be on the portal or just regular mail

@alexisg mail

Darn, we probably will not get until next week :frowning: Thanks for the info though!

No notification via email or portal prior to getting the mail?