PCC classes help please

<p>Hi, I'm currently enroll in Pasadena City College as a freshmen. I'm planning to transfer to a UC as a Physic major. Long story short i was wondering what's the chance of me getting into a Pre-Cal class on the first few weeks?</p>

<p>You want to be a physics major but need pre-calc? If you're apt at math, which I would hope you are going into physics, you should probably try testing or petitioning into a higher math.</p>

<p>cant really tell you the chances of you getting a class.</p>

<p>but fight for the wiatlist, show up the first day, and do your best to get into the class.
your guess is as good as mine...</p>

<p>but classes like math, eng, and sciences tend to be the hardest to add.</p>

<p>I just registered for PCC...i got some pretty random classes but I happened to get 13 units...but I'll be joining the scholars program so you get priority pick for classes later.
I plan on trying to sit in an English 1A course though..might as well give it a try.</p>