Pedersen Chem 3AL "practice book"

<p>Hi All
On ninjacourses I read that Prof Pedersen releases a practice book of his past midterms and problem sets that are modeled after exams. Does anyone know if this will be sold through the bookstore, or somewhere else?</p>

<p>from memory, it is a 'reader' that is sold by the local copy shop. It often isn't available before the class starts, but you will get the info from Pedersen as to which place, for example Copy Central at the edge of campus, when it will be avaiable and the price.</p>

<p>Do buy it. It will make your life much, much better :D</p>

<p>Thanks guys. Is it true that there's about 50-80 problems a week? that's what ninjac. said...I know it's just recommended, but everyone agrees they'll really improve your success.</p>

<p>Were there really that many problems? I had Pedersen for 3B, but I assume he teaches 3A very similarly. If so, its not that many problems. And I just put most of them off till about a week before the exams. </p>

<p>Its definitely worth it to buy the practice problem books.</p>

<p>There were never that many that I remember... I thought it was more like 20 a week. Don't quote me though - I never did them weekly, I just ran through all of them a few days before the midterms.</p>