Peer Evaluation Help =[

<p>My friend asked me to write a peer evaluation for her. I'm not really sure how to format it or what to say. Is there a prompt or some sort of text I can use as a guide? Also, what's a good length? I really want to help her out. Hopefully, I don't write a horrible letter.</p>

<p>just fill out the questions on the form. If you find the form does not have enough space, then attach seperate sheets to it. I dont think it neccessarily has to be a letter.</p>

<p>Your friend did give you the form right? If he/she didn't, you can download one from the Dartmouth admissions website:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>does the peer rec have to be sent by mail?</p>

<p>is there an online option??</p>

<p>how important is the peer evaluation? i mean if u get a short, not very insightful one, will it really hurt u? on the contrary if u get an amazing one, will it help a lot, or it sorta like an interview and slightly weighted?</p>

<p>peer recs should be sent my mail. theres no online option.
i heard that peer recs arent THAT important.... but im SURE that if its totally amazingly outstanding, then it'll def boost the applicant.</p>

<p>however, im not really sure myself.
bc im only a highschooler!!!
and im applying here too!!
and my friend is mailing my rec tomorrow :P</p>

<p>thanks cookie. i haven't given my friend an envelope or stamps, it doesn't seem nice to ask him to do it all, and he lives all the way across town! so that online option would be much much easier..sigh.</p>

<p>Good thing it's not online. Some peers can't write. They might send off something atrocious before you see it. At least with hard copy, it can be handed to you for proofreading and editing before it is sent.</p>

<p>youre most welcome ahluwalia :)</p>

<p>hehehe i couldnt really give my friend stamps or envelopes
he lives all the way in canada!! </p>

<p>just treat ur friend to dinner after he/she spends all his hard work on ur rec ;) i'd do that to my friend who wrote mine, but we live in diff countries..... so kinda hard hahaha
and i had to write a rec for my friend and she's SUPPOSED to buy me dinner!!</p>