Peer Evaluation

<p>Hey, </p>

<p>I submitted my CA awhile ago, and when I checked my application status it said that my "peer evaluation" was missing. Now, I submitted a "other" recomendor on the CA, but I thought that it could be from an adult. Well, I guess not so. I am kind of thinking that my chances of getting into Dartmouth are screwed, because the earliest my sister can send one out is the 31st, or sometime in February. I do like Dartmouth and I hear that it is a very good college. I am not going to be super upset if this costs me my admission, just a little disappointed. Oh well.</p>

<p>Anyway, and feedback is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.</p>


<p>A similar thing happened to me when I applied as well. I accidentally sent in my dance teacher’s recommendation instead of my sister’s. But I contacted Dartmouth and they let me send in my sister’s evaluation late. Maybe you could email them, explain your situation, and ask whether you could send in a recommendation in February?</p>

<p>I’m going through the same thing right now. The common app is less than clear, and yea I admit I should have read the school’s site a bit more in depth, but when you have eleven other colleges you’re applying to as well as the most stressful semester of your high school career, sometimes you just miss things. Really hoping that I can rectify this mistake. </p>