Peer recommendation

<p>Hi, recently one of my friends wrote me a great peer recommendation because I needed one for Dartmouth. I read it (and I love it) and I'm strongly thinking about submitting it to other colleges that allow it on the Common App. </p>

<p>What my peer recommendation is like:
- follows the "show, not tell" rule
- talks about how I can contribute to the college community
- weaknesses, but mentioned in a good way
- conveys my personality</p>

<p>I know a lot of people say it's excessive to submit one - however I've read 1 of my teacher's recommendations (2 actually, but I can't use one of them since it has been personalized for a specific college) and they don't show much about my personality beyond the superficial "she's a great student". Furthermore, they are not extremely familiar with American-type recommendations.</p>

<p>Should I submit the peer recommendation?</p>

<p>I submitted one that was similar to yours.</p>