Peer sabotage with evidence

Long story short I messed up in my Sophomore year. In my public school, most people used racist derogatory terms because that was the culture in our school. One word that was often used among everyone was the n-word. And as ashamed as I am, I did use this word at times during these years, and I understand how hurtful my actions may have been to people.

As a person of pacific-islander descent, I had thought at the time it was perfectly alright to say it because everyone that was of color (and even white students) in my school said it. I finally understood the severity of this word in the summer from Sophomore to Junior year when I started picking up articles to read about the perspectives of others that face these terms daily. I realized that I was contributing to racism and I no doubt felt great shame.

Fast forward to senior year. I’m currently taking Chicano Studies (an ethnic studies course) in order to redeem myself in these actions from the past, and of course, I stopped using these terms and eliminated them from my vocabulary. The problem now is I got into an argument with an old friend that, like me, had used the n-word (except he never changed) and now he is threatening to report me to my future colleges. He has video recording (only the sound, no face) of me saying the N-word about 20 months ago, and he swears that as soon as he learns about what college I got into, he will send the video their way.

Although I realize my actions should be reprimanded, I never understood the context of the n-word because I am a first-generation immigrant with parents that are pretty racist (in my own opinion). They always spoke negatively of the other races and so I have never been taught by anyone what racism really meant. Even in my school life, everyone used the n-word, which made me think it was commonplace.

Now I want to know how I should approach this issue because I truly believe I have grown from my past self and now understand these problems. I’m not sure how I can deal with this except for not telling him about the schools that I will apply to and get into, but he said that if I don’t tell him what school I was accepted into he would either post these audio clips of me to the media so that the schools will hear about it that way, or he would report me to our high school and get me suspended.

I even considered reporting him if he was going to report me because he very recently used these words, but that’s truly an option that I don’t want to exploit. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.