PEERS program?

<p>I received an email that apparently the deadline for the Program for Excellence in Education and Research in the Sciences (PEERS) is May 17, this Monday.</p>

<p>Has anybody else done the application because it asks to answer two questions including "What experience(s) made you realize that you want to be a science major in College?"</p>

<p>The application does not state anywhere whether this has to be done in essay form or the word requirement. </p>

<p>Also, is this program worth applying for? I know before I already applied for the College Honors program, I am wondering if I should apply for PEERS too.</p>

<p>It's probably too late now.... but.</p>

<p>I'm in PEERS, and it gets really annoying to go to workshops everyday for first quarter, but you get used to it. They hire a "facilitator" for you and other people taking a specific class, usually about 20 people in a PEERs workshop. It's useful information, you just have to really try to understand some facilitators, and give up a lot of afternoons lol. Once you get to O-chem, workshops really help because the facilitator makes worksheets and practice problems for you (this happens in other workshops too), but it's extra helpful in o-chem.</p>

<p>PEERS is basically helpful your first year, you just have to stick to it. You also meet a couple friends/peers that take the same classes (or are in the same major) so it's good networking.</p>

<p>I really want to be in PEERS. When will we find out if we got into the program?</p>

<p>Just saw something. It said on a PDF file that PEERS students get priority enrollment if accepted! SWEET!!</p>