PEIS major name??

<p>I heard that they want to change the name of the PEIS major. Something like International Political Economy. Anyone heard of this or can confirm this?</p>

<p>i want to know about this too... i hope they do change it...</p>

<p>i heard (from a friend who wants to major in PEIS) that the major on your diploma now says International Political Economy, but that all the classes and such are still known as PEIS. i don't know for sure, though.</p>

Unfortunately, the name will remain as PEIS until further notice. This
is the name that will show on your diploma. It will be a long time
before the name changes. However, if you would like you can check the
updates regarding this on the IASTP website.</p>

<p>Thank You,
Peer Advisor</p>



<p>The funny name change thing I've heard is that is USED to be Political Economy of Natural Industrialized Societies, or so the urban legend goes...</p>