Pell Grant amount

<p>Did anybody else with an EFC of 0 get less than the maximum amount available? The financial aid determinations have been made but my Pell Grant award was only $3300. I've heard that a few things can contribute to a lesser amount, such as the college adjusting your EFC (I checked, and mine is still 0) or the college's tuition being very low to begin with. Neither of those things apply to me, so I'm wondering what might cause it and if anybody is experiencing the same thing.</p>

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<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>I would ask the FA aid office, Gripz2010. It could just be a mistake. We are not 0 EFC, but the Pell grant amount my kid gets is just what the table (linked above by Kwu) indicates. It would not be in Amherst's interest for you to not get your full Pell award since they end up making up the difference out of their their own scholarship funds. I would call and ask... you may be actually doing them a favor. Or at least they could explain to you why it's not what you'd expect.</p>