pell grant

<p>is it possible to get pell grant if parents make more than 60k?</p>

<p>Your family's EFC MUST be below the threshold which is about $5000. The lower your EFC per fafsa ( below $5000) the more of a Pell Grant you will receive. If your EFC is $0, you would get the max Pell grant of about $5000 (I think it's a tad more than that). If, for example, your EFC is $3000, you would get about $2000 in Pell Grant money.</p>

<p>So run an EFC calculator and see what your estimated EFC is.</p>

<p>Not likely much or anything unless you also have a sibling in college.</p>

<p>A quick FAFSA estimator indicates that when you only have one child in college, a family of 4 that earns $60k has an EFC of about 5000....which would be about $600 per year in a Pell Grant. This is a rough estimate and doesn't include a bunch of FAFSA questions.</p>

<p>And, you say that your family earns more than $60k... </p>

<p>And, if your parents have savings or investments, then their EFC could even be higher. </p>

<p>Since it sounds like you wouldn't get much even if your EFC slipped under the 5274 threshold, were you counting on Pell to help you pay for college?</p>

<p>Have your parents said how much they'll contribute?</p>

<p>Edited to add.....</p>

<p>Wait...aren't you already in college? Don't you already know your EFC? What is it?</p>