Pell Grants

I’d like it folks to talk about their experiences with Pell Grants. I’m curious about how much you got, and the income parameters for eligibility. My dad makes about 75k a year, so I’m wondering how much I’d be eligible for.

How many siblings will you have in college when you are in college? I believe with a $75,000 a year income, you wouldn’t receive a Pell Grant…or if you do, it will be a small amount.


@thumper1 I’m an only child. Thanks for the deets!

I’m sure someone will respond with the details of the amount of Pell and income levels.

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Pell is based on the number that is generated when all parent & student information is entered in the FAFSA (income, savings, household size, number in college, age of older parent, etc). There is no income level one can easily associate with being eligible for a Pell grant. However, my experience is that $75,000 is too high for a Pell grant. It’s possible you might be eligible for an institutional need based grant, however (awarded by the school).


You can estimate your Pell grant amount (if any) here: