Pen or pencil?

<p>I downloaded the college specific supplements and almost all the colleges require the applicants to write short question answers. But, they have a limited space in which I have to write. So do I use a pen or a pencil to write the answer. </p>

<p>(I am asking this because we have to use a pencil while giving the SAT)</p>

<p>Why are you not going to be doing them online? It's easier</p>

<p>I'm writing mine in blue ballpoint pen.</p>

<p>tb0mb - Writing feels more personal. I'm hoping the adcoms will be less compelled to reject me after they see my kickass handwriting ;) But that's just my take.</p>

<p>Well, my handwriting isn't kickass, but I prefer writing it on paper than typing it</p>

<p>I feel its better for them to read words which looks different from computer fonts</p>

<p>Trust me...they don't want to be deciphering handwriting; type it up.</p>

<p>Double spaced, 12 pt font.</p>

<p>EDIT: See, if you typed up your wouldn't have to worry about limited space... :)</p>

have a look at Columbia's supplement</p>

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<p>They don't have any interactive fields like the common app, so I can't write in the lined spaces on my PDF reader.</p>

<p>What am I supposed to do in such case?</p>

<p>If you feel comfortable handwriting it, do it! End of story.</p>

<p>As for pen or pencil, go with pen lol. This isn't math class =p</p>


<p>You realize that on the common app, for Columbia, they have a section for the supplement where you can attach documents? Have you even made a common app account, or are you just finding supplements and doing them?</p>


<p>It's not advised...However, if you were to handwrite, go with pen. There really isn't a need for you to handwrite anything, considering the technological age we are all in.</p>

<p>^ I agree with you and I know I wouldn't do it lol. But if it'll make his essay better if he's formulating it on paper rather than a computer that's all that really counts! ;]</p>


<p>I have a common app account. I just filled up the places in the common app in which we have to give our personal information. I haven't done anything else. And no, I haven't started on the essays yet. I just downloaded all the supplements and forms for the universities I am going to apply to. </p>

<p>I am going to start working on them and that's why I was wondering how to ?</p>

<p>My advice...if you can do it on the computer, go for it. I'd stay away from handwriting it. You might think your handwriting is great, but for a person who has been reading hundreds of essays all day, it might become cumbersome.</p>


<p>Once you have added schools on the commonapp, you should be able to attach supplemental essays to their respective applications directly on the commonapp box that asks for it. </p>

<p>Also, are all school's supplemental applications/essay topics released yet? Make sure you're looking at the updated application.</p>


<p>I haven't got the 2011 supplements for all the colleges I am applying to. Just 11/18.
Still waiting for the other 7.</p>

<p>Start drafting essays in pen if you'd like, but once you add the schools on your common app and are able to attach essays, do that.</p>


<p>I forgot to mention that I was planning to mail the application. not apply online. So after attaching the supplements with the common app, should I print them?</p>

<p>Oh, I have decided to type the essays. I scratch out a lot while writing. Won't make too many mistakes if I type</p>

<p>Yes, you certainly can. However, why not just submit it online? That way, it's guaranteed to get to the school in a timely manner.</p>

<p>I guess you're right.</p>

<p>But in that case how am I supposed to send the teacher's recs and transcripts?
Take them from the school and e-mail it?
Ask the counselor to do it? </p>

<p>(Once again, I don't trust the school with such things)</p>

<p>Email the schools and ask if you can send it yourself.</p>

<p>DO NOT WRITE BY HAND OR MAIL IN A PAPER COPY!!!! The application process is almost exclusively electronic. Most admissions readers actually read electronically. Almost no one reads paper files anymore. So any part of your application that is sent by mail will be scanned and then uploaded to your application file. Scanned copies can have a similar visual quality to a fax. I think it would be extremely annoying to an admissions reader to have to read a completely scanned and uploaded file when you had the opportunity to just send it electronically. You may seem "not with it" and "behind the times" if you send in a paper copy. Also, any supporting documents for your application (school profile, transcripts, letters of rec, etc) should should be sent, either by paper or electronically, from the school source, either a teacher, guidance counselor or school registrar. Your part of the application should be done and submitted online!!!</p>