Penland vs Martin

<p>I have been accepted and have to pick one of these as my choice for freshman living quarters next year? Please help!</p>

<p>Martin (where I lived) is more low-key, not as noisy. Penland has a reputation of smelling bad (the 3rd floor is called "the dirty third"). In the basement, Martin has a game room with pool and ping-pong tables , and a weight room, that's only accessible to residents. You also have the bookstore parking garage right next door. The downside to Martin, although pretty minor, is that to eat, you have to cross the street and go to Penland. This only sucks when its raining, or really cold. Penland has the best breakfast. Memorial and Collins have the best food overall. Hope that was helpful. Anyways, good luck next semester! Sic 'em Bears!</p>

<p>Yes,,,thanks so much!!!</p>